Little White Dress

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Who says you can't wear white after Labor Day? I feel like I'm loving everything basic, and clean lately. Those are the pieces that will last forever. And I'm tired of cheap, throwaway fashion. #canigetanamen?

I recently needed something sleek and chic for a work event and knew that I would be photographed a lot in it, so I went to a major go-to of mine - BCBG.

I immediately fell in love with this dress because it had such a tuxedo, cocktail dress feel, but was also super easy to wear. And I discovered a new love of mine - The Little White Dress! It's as timeless as the Little Black Dress and I know I'll wear this one for years to come.

Don't forget your self tanner (unless you're golden-complexion blessed, which I am not), and I decided to go with easy waves, strong eyes and nude lips - which I think plays nicely against white. (Click for my favorite, and the best faux lashes and an amazing nude lipstick!)

Nude sandals go with everything, almost as much as a super foxy, and supportive friend. (Thanks, Miranda!) 

This dress is no longer avail, but I found some super cute Little White Dress options for you below. (Click the pic to shop!) And check out my instagram for a fun behind the scenes video. 

When all else fails...

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Take a deep breath and start again.

When transitioning from my old company, Séchoir into rebranding and starting over again here at November Grey, I realized that I was going to need some (deep breaths) new content, fresh starts, website makeovers, carefully curated photos and videos, while still paying homage to the years of work (blood, sweat, and tears) I put into my old company.
So much has happened. Mostly tremendous growth - both professionally and personally. I look back now at all that was accomplished along side some pretty talented people, and I feel grateful for the journey. All of it. The good and the (freaking) hard.

What I'm soaking in now is that feeling... you know the one? Where you're on the verge of something great, brand-spanking new - fresh starts. Like moving into a new apartment, or cutting your hair, or finally organizing your closet and ridding your life of everything that no longer suits you.

That feeling.

That's the one.

Can't wait to share with you guys all that's on the agenda, and my new website (launching very soon)!

With love,

T xx

Photos by Steff Walk


A.L.C. silk blouse 
(I love these similar styles in high, mid, and low price points)

Motorcycle Jacket
(A good faux leather version from H&M + A real leather, broken-in version from Topshop)

Tanya Dempsey - Video & Stills Producer/Creative Director/Fashion Stylist

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Feeling grateful for all the wonderful opportunities I've had over the past several years. Doing what I love, from Los Angeles, to New York, Las Vegas and back. 

Check out my Creative Director/Fashion Stylist Reel:

Sonder Living event in NYC

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

When one of my favorite lifestyle clients, Sonder Living asked me to help out with some creative content for their annual Summer Soirée event in NYC, I jumped at the opportunity. I love visiting New York, and although it was a quick trip, it was well worth the hustle and turned out to be such a fabulous event!

Wearing a Victoria Beckham for Target top

I ran into some old friends, including this babe, actress Genevieve Howell whom I've known for several years, back when she used to live in Los Angeles. (If you follow me on Instagram, find a pic of us and you can read the whole dramatic encounter I once had that made me love this girl for life!) 

The team pulled out all the stops to make sure guests had an enchanting evening, where they were treated to a peek at some of the latest pieces from Sonder Living's designers, fun art giveaways, wine and music!

Nylon PR girls with Sonder Living Senior Sales Manager, Jay Krift

We served the delicious Lorenza Rosé, a no-brainer, perfect wine for any summer occasion.

And nibbled on some pretty gorgeous art deco cookies from Modern Bite, almost too pretty to eat!

Here with the New York team Jay Krift, Jared Bond, Kristina Zuniga and Sachette Lindsay

Looking forward to the next one...

Photos by Steven Lake

I have a thing for red (dresses)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see a common pop of color that threads thoughout my feed. When advising friends and clients about their marketing and brand on Instagram, I always suggest a well thought-out color scheme, and a signature color. But the red just sort of "happened" for me.

So I went with it. I love me some red lips, and while I don't wear a lot of red tops, I just counted in my closet and I have a red jumpsuit, two red skirts and four red dresses in all different styles, in all different shades! So I guess it's safe to say that red is my signature color.

And I guess it has been for a while. I still have (slightly torturous) memories of my senior year in high school, when I sang a rendition of Trisha Yearwood's Walkaway Joe (side note, a super young, gorgeous, and unknown Matthew McConaughey plays the heartbreaker in this video), and I, big bangs and all attempted to sing my heart out in a handmade, satin, red dress to my peers to the same song with disastrous results. 

In my defense, our music teacher/piano player didn't quite know the song and we couldn't sync up with each other. It was painfully embarrassing but I suppose it built me some character, and the dress was great (thanks mom) so it wasn't a total wash. Also, my friends decided not to disown me, so that was good.

Perhaps I'm eternally looking for that perfect, red dress to make up for that moment in time. We'll leave that up to therapy, but just let me tell you about THIS dress. It was a FREAKING AMAZING score at Banana Republic on sale. When I say amazing, I'm talking under $25 bucks and I'll wear it for-EVS. Yes, it has pockets, no, it's no longer avail. But find some of my favorite red things below.

What is your signature color? 

Favorite red lipstick - Nars Heatwave
Favorite color-stay drugstore lipstick - Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick


Why I'm addicted to Pilates + my favorite leggings by Jala

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Yep. This is how addicted I feel to my fitness now. It lifts me up. It makes me positive. It makes me strong in spirit, body and mind. Plus, it's fun.

They say that you need to find your addiction, the one workout or class or trainer that keeps you going back for more. I know I've found mine in Pilates.

I look forward to every single class (even on the days when I'd rather stay in bed - I know I'll feel better once I go). The camaraderie and girl time is like no other. Never before have I felt so supported and motivated than when surrounded by these kindred spirits.

Even when our trainer, Tabitha seriously kicks our butts - the pain is so worth the gain and simply put, I'm a lifer now. 

Some tips for newbies to Pilates... Don't get discouraged. In the beginning I found just about every move a struggle. It will get easier. You just have to commit.

Also, find a good, thick mat. (I always score amazing ones at TJ Maxx) Make sure it's extra thick and long.

Another tip? Do yourself a favor and invest in a few new workout outfits that you can mix and match and that make you feel great. One of my new faves? Jala clothing.

Every time I wear these Jala Peak Leggings, people stop me to ask where I got them. They're a little bit of an investment, but anything of true quality is. Also, Jala is offering a promo code of 25% off for Memorial Day with code MD25 until May 31st, 2017!

I also dig the cool tees and other separates from Jala that can be worn while running around on errands, or picking up the kiddos, or let's face it - when you're too busy after a workout to get your shower in right away! (See my last workout post featuring Jala here.)


I hope you found some fitness inspiration! Wishing you friendship, health and peaceful happiness.

Use PROMO CODE MD25 for 25% off Jala Clothing until 5/31/17!

Photos by Steffi Neth