Spring Bedroom Redecorating

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I've been wanting to update our bedroom for sometime now. We have a gorgeous winter duvet set that (let's face it) only gets a solid three months out of chilly weather use in Los Angeles. So I needed something light and airy for spring. I found this bedding via West Elm and fell in love.

The pattern is reminiscent of art deco days and old Hollywood. Sure, it took some convincing to get the hubs on board (but what doesn't? In fact, our biggest marital disagreements fights have all been about interior design. I'm not kidding. But back to bedding...)

I wasn't sure how to mix it up until I was browsing through a fashion magazine and left these two pages open on the bed. Bingo. Pink!

Bedding - West Elm duvet
Pillows - John Robshaw
Pink Velvet Throw Pillow - World Market
Faux Fur blanket - HD Buttercup 
Wall art - Feather Juju Tribal hat 

*Side note - a few years ago I did a silver nightstand makeover, and it's gotten very popular on Pinterest. See the original post here!

I think my room is still a work in progress, and I'll keep layering and playing until I get things just right. Because after all, moments spent in bed are some of the best. #amiright?

(Mother's Day Breakfast being shared by my pup and my baby girl.)

Have a beautiful day!

What I Wore to Napa PT 3 - Date Night Look with Banana Republic

Friday, May 19, 2017

Woo hoo! It's Friday. We made it. I've been wanting to share this look from our recent Napa trip, and a dress I wore from Banana Republic that I absolutely adore!

I'm totally opening myself up to more color lately, and I think my complexion likes it! (OK, a spray tan helped a little bit, too.) But who knew orange could be so spectacular? Yay spring! Yay almost summer!

I have made it a habit of always checking the Banana Republic sale section every time I pop by. You GUYS, I always score some crazy fab finds. I kid-you-not this dress was marked down to around $20.

I'm all for splurging when necessary, and for totally classic pieces. But if you have the patience to dig through some of the sale rack from time-to-time, I promise you - you'll score.

Super recent finds (which you'll see on the blog soon) include a fabulously loud, hot-pink suit that I'll be wearing to an interior design event I'm hosting (for about a quarter of the original price), and a one-shoulder, chic LBD for $25 bucks that's just begging to be worn to a cocktail party.

Can we talk about how much I want to go back to Napa...? (sob) So fun, so relaxing. Taking in the beauty of the down time when I can get it!

(See some great finds here!)
(Can't stop wearing them, no longer avail)
Check back - I'm trying to find similar earrings for you

Whatever you're doing, wherever you're going this weekend, I hope you find some inspiration to what makes you feel the most beautiful. 


T x

Baked Tofu Tacos with Asian Salad & Rice

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

You guys, I know that the title of this blog post sounds like a super fancy dinner, but I promise you - it's not. It only tastes and looks that way. It's so incredibly easy and delicious that I'm going to start adding it into my regular rotation for family dinners!

If your family isn't into tofu, maybe this will persuade them. My coconut curry tofu recipe is still a favorite in my household and I've been told in some friends homes as well!

For starters, the salad is packaged. Yep. I'm not claiming to be a chef, only a busy working mom looking for complete meals for her fam. So go pick up an Asian salad kit from your local grocer. Mix it up. Done. Check.

The rice is whatever kind of rice you love and know how to easily make. For me, I always do 1 cup of jasmine rice sautéed in olive oil, 1 tsp garlic salt, a dash of onion powder and two cups of chicken or veggie broth. Cook stovetop on medium heat for 15 min. Simple and perfect.

Now for the BAKED TOFU (that tastes like fried tofu)... Let's get to that, shall we? Get one pound of extra firm tofu. I like the Trader Joe's kind. Drain the liquid and pat dry with a paper towel. Cut into squares.

Toss with olive oil.

(Make sure your children's hands are clean because they will want to touch everything and help you.)

In another bowl (or two) place the breadcrumbs.  Side note - when I first tried this recipe, I wasn't sure which variation my family would like best - actual breadcrumbs with seasoning (I used Lawry's), or the super simple version using just cornstarch. So I tried both.

After the tofu cubes are tossed in olive oil, simply toss them around in your breadcrumb of choice (or straight cornstarch for a simple "fried" effect) and place them on a cookie sheet.

Bake in the oven at 350 for 20 min. They'll come out looking like this... golden brown and delicious!

I serve like tacos on corn tortillas with rice on the side. The Asian salad acts as toppings or can be a side with the rice. Top with your favorite salsa.

The hubs and I loved the breadcrumbs version, while the kids preferred the simple cornstarch method that comes out tasting and looking like fried tofu without the frying! 

An entire dinner in no time. 

You're welcome!

My Fit Fix - Cute Workout Clothes!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

I feel like I've gotten a pretty solid health routine going lately. I do Pilates three times a week, and most recently, started a meditation class once a week. With every ounce of my being I know that these things are good for me. And yet... sometimes I just don't want to do it.

Why is that? Here is something that makes us feel absolutely glorious (when it's done anyway) and sometimes you need a major kick in the (floral) pants, just to get out the door.

One of my favorite motivators? Cute workout clothes! It just makes you feel good.

Also, bonus - when you can run around for errands after and you don't feel like a total schlub!

When I discovered Jala Clothing I knew I'd found both function and fit, and that I'd be getting a whole lot of wear out of these and not just during mat time! I'm obsessed with these Sup Yoga Leggings in blossom for two reasons; 1) The fit is amazing and flattering and really holds you in. (Apparently you can surf and do all sorts of things in them, too.) and 2) The floral print is something I've never really done before. I'm such a black and grey type of girl for workout clothes. 

That's all changing. These just make me feel happy. (Like my classes and workouts that I so need!)

And sometimes it's all about the details...

Wishing you whatever it takes to get you out that door and on your way to feeling and being healthy!


T xx

Sub Yoga Leggings in Blossom - Jala Clothing
Mesh Bomber - Jala Clothing
Beaded Bracelets - Artisans in Myan Mar and Mia & Lily 
Hat & Garden Supplies - IDV, Venice Beach, CA

Photography - Steffi Neth

Mother's Day Wishes

Thursday, May 11, 2017

OK, I had the toughest time getting this post together because there were too many pics to choose from. (I have my amazing blog photographer, Steffi to thank for that. Contact her here if you're in the LA area.) And also because my mini fashionista pretty much stole the show in this shoot and I can't get enough of her tiny, adorable face!

I mean... c'mon...

Stella's Dress - Victoria Beckham for Target (available on ebay)
Sunglasses - Mommy's (Express)
Purse - Vintage

The Victoria Beckham for Target collection is almost entirely sold out at this point, save for a few select pieces in Target stores and some pieces on ebay.

My Top & Skirt Victoria Beckham for Target
(The top is available on ebay here in medium, here in small and here in 1x)
Purse - Vintage

Mules - Calvin Klein Shoes at Nordstrom

(Here are some available black suede mules. I actually think I like these better than mine! More wearable than patent leather.)

It was so fun to be able to share this with Stella, and it got me thinking... why aren't there more mother/daughter collections like this? (Or at least ones I know of?) Not necessarily "matchy-matchy" but coordinated to perfection. For special outings and holidays... And not too crazy expensive. 

I also find myself out with my little girl often and wishing we had somewhere to shop that had stuff exclusively for the two of us.

Future business venture? Maybe I need to slow down...

In the meantime, I'm enjoying these moments so much, and holding on as tightly as I can, as she sails away on the fast track to growing up.

Mommy loves you, baby girl. If you can always remember that, if you always know in the back of that brilliant mind (that mind, more beautiful than the freckles on your face) that I've got your back, no matter what. And that I believe in you endlessly, then that's all a mama can ask for on Mother's Day. 

East West Mamas: How to wear NEON for date night!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What is your neon style? Are you bold enough to go head-to-toe...?

Or do you like to keep it subtle and sexy like my girl, Carly from Thirty Something Fashion? Sometimes just a pop is all you need. (Can we talk about her gorgeous pumps, and also how happy I am to be collaborating with her again?!)

Ever since I saw La La Land I've been dreaming of skirts to dance in, and old Hollywood romance. (I say "old" because I've had my share of those Hollywood days... and it feels like a lifetime ago). That film captured the struggling ingenue and artist life perfectly.   

But back to neon! I got this bright neon tee from JCrew because I LOVED the longer sleeve length and I was feeling like I needed a bit more happiness and brightness in my wardrobe for spring. And what's happier than neon?

I decided to just go for it with with neon head-to-toe, but I know I'll be wearing this bright pink tee with white jeans all summer long.

Love you some neon? There's an awesome new website called Neon Bitch that sources out all the best neon pieces from across the web to help you choose what neon piece you're after in a flash. A curated closet of neon to choose from? Genius. Check it out here.

Neon Tee - JCrew
Skirt - Vintage (similar red pleated skirt)
Heels - Zara (I dig the vintage vibe of these red heeled sandals)
Clutch - Old Navy
Earrings - (sold out, but how cute are these neon earrings?!) 

I love Venice Beach, CA!
All photos by Steffi Neth

Cheers to warmer weather and fun date nights ahead!

Make sure to pop by Thirty Something Fashion and see how Carly wore her look! Go ahead and try not to follow her blog (if you aren't already)... outfit inspiration for daaays...

What I Wore to Napa PT 2

Monday, May 1, 2017

When I first envisioned going to Napa, I thought of flowing, floral skirts, fun sun hats, layers and pieces that would be comfortable enough to walk in, but still give me that feminine, easy vibe I was going for.

And I had just the dress! I found it at TJ Maxx randomly a couple years ago and purchased it on a whim on the way out when I was shopping for a client, and without even trying it on. I knew the fit would be perfect on my body type and I could wear it loose or tied at the waist.

I also knew that I needed to wear some comfy booties to trek through some dirt when the moment beckoned, and that even though the forecast called for clear and beautiful skies, I also might get chilly. So I rolled up one of my favorite JCrew sweaters, threw it in my suitcase and knew this would layer just fine.

Depending on where the day took us, I was always comfortable, choosing a sweater...

Or not...

So I could concentrate on the task at hand...

Drinking wine, spending time with friends, and torturing my husband with too many photos. (Love you, babe. Thanks for playing along.) 

Dress - TJ Maxx (similar floral dresses)

Sweater - JCrew (similar JCrew sweater - some colors on sale!)

DSW Booties - (these tan booties are so cute!)

Hat - Thrifted (similar women's boater hat)